The New World

Session 8 Part 1

Our heroes emerge from Cognate the construct’s portal and emerge in the middle of a pastoral field. However, this field is only an alternate plane of existance, created by some powerful sorceror. Behind them is a door, presumably the portal’s exit, and ahead of them is a group of human peasants, in shock . They don’t understand common, and Agregar’s attempts at communication are doing no one good. Alasse attempts to speak with them with her understanding of Lemurian, but the dialect is different and the peasants aren’t too keen on communicating in the first place. In the distance a group of guards and mages can be seen rushing towards the door in the fields. Things aren’t going ‘well.’ The guards rush up to the Warriors of Wisdom 2.0 and immediately start apprehending them. Alasse continues her attempts to communicate, but the guards assure her that she is an evil being from a different dimension and can’t be trusted.

The militia take the group to the mayor of The Town. While Rol’in, Elmer and Alasse try to convince the mayor to let them return the children, who have been transported here by cognate, to their parents, Agregar is busy making enemies with the mayor, who orders his guards to throw him in the dungeon. Meanwhile, the mayor explains to the others that all outsiders are evil, and come from a devastated wasteland. Elmer makes the point that obviously he would be evil, if all outsiders are evil. The mayor agrees that Elmer doesn’t seem evil, just creepy, and Alasse points out that the children are not evil either. On this, the mayor allows the three to leave and visit the town, but if they make one error, they will be killed immediately. Elmer naturally suggests the group heads to the bar.

As they walk to the tavern, they notice that the sun is actually a massive gold sphere, enchanted to float and glow. Rol’in tries to think of a way to get to it, but since it is in the sky, that would be difficult. The group decides they need a distraction so that they can get the children, and Agregar, back to the door, and then back to the shantytown. Rol’in surmises the best distraction would be to try to break Agregar out, but there are far too many guards. As they drink, the natives gather around them. Eventually the natives interrogate the group about the outside world. Alasse does most of the talking, since she has the best Lemurian. She tells them about how the outside world, and how it isn’t a wasteland. This is blasphemy to the church here, and they refuse to accept this whole ‘you are actually Lemurians’ stuff. Slowly, however, the natives begin to turn on the authority of the town. A mob gathers to march on the mayor’s office. When the guards go to protect the mayor, a riot breaks out in the streets. Distraction achieved.

Alasse and Elmer go after the children, who are at the church, while Rol’in goes to break Agregar out. The church is still serene, and the children are all safe. Alasse convinces the priests to evacuate the church, as the riot is a danger they must avoid. The high priest agrees, and the the entire church, along with the children, Alasse, and Elmer head away from the church. They head towards the fields, away from the town and the door. Elmer realizes they can’t keep heading away from the door, and since they can’t get the children away from the priests peacefully, he decides he needs to scare them off. Elmer tells Alasse to get the children onto Laird, the bear, and start leaving. The priests have none of this, however. Elmer creates a small glowing rune in the dirt. A few sparks pop into the air around them. More confused than anything, the priests demand to know what is happening. Elmer bluffs that this rune is very dangerous and if the priests follow, it will unleash death and stuff. The priests are now terrified and horrified, knowing now that these outsiders ARE evil. The high priest begs Elmer not to harm the children. Cackling, Elmer shuffles away, following Alasse and Laird back to the door-portal. Dortal.

Meanwhile, Rol’in sneaks past the chaos of the riot and into the dungeon beneath town hall. The riot has drawn all the guards except one away from the prisoner Agregar. The guard orders Rol’in to stop, and state his business. Rol’in waves at Agregar and then tells the guard that he is going to bust his friend out of prison. The guard, shocked by his honesty, tells him that is impossible, as first of all, he is still a guard, and second of all, the lock is not pickable and the door to solid to break down. Agregar, getting impatient, punches the lock , sending it flying across the room and embedding itself into the stone wall. The guard turns at the noise, only to see Agregar tackle and choke him out, leaving him unconcious, but alive.

The two head back to town square where the riot is centralized. The riot has grown out of hand, and Agregar can not see any more innocent lives lost on his behalf. Instead of closing his eyes like he normally does, he decides to try and stop the riot. His plan is simple because it doesn’t exist. He runs up to the podium where the mayor is trying to calm the people. He shoves the mayor to the ground, lightly, breathes fire into the air and swings his sword in the air, roaring loudly, shaking the podium with the pure sound. But, the people are unimpressed. They saw Agregar about an hour ago juggling in his cell, so he isn’t very intimidating. Rol’in, still in the shadows, decides that the only way to stop this riot from tearing the town in two is to prove the mayor right, that the outsiders are evil. He fires arrows into the crowd, jumps onto the podium with his swords drawn and hacks his way out of the riot out to the door in the field. Suddenly the mod realizes that they were tricked by the charismatic outsiders and begin to swarm Agregar and chase Rol’in. Agregar grabs the mayor and holds his sword to his throat, forcing the mob back. He then works his way back to the door, where Rol’in, Alasse, Laird, the children, and Elmer have all already gathered. Agregar orders the others through the door. He then tosses the mayor back to the large mob, and sprints through the doorway, slamming the door behind him.



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