The New World

Session 9

With the black dragon slain, the party takes a brief moment to relax. Agregar is slightly distraught because he had a part in killing a dragon, which is sort of a no no for followers of Bahamut. Alasse on the other hand is upset because the dragon crushed her beark under foot. She heads off to the surface to recover in nature for a while. The dudes stay behind and rummage through the treasure of the dragon, getting some gold pieces, some gems. Hustlin’. With booty in tow, the group returns to the surface. It hasn’t gotten passed Agregar, mind you, that the Iron Hearts led them in to a trap.

Back at the Shanty Town, the group notices a plethora of merchants has sprung up, mostly dealing in magical artifacts from the ruins. Only one dealer has an actual sign, and the group heads to Ed’s Magical Artifacts Emporium, which surprisingly fits on one small piece of wood. Rol’in eyes a particularly vicious looking bow. After some haggling, Rol’in manages to secure a price that is well out of his price range. However, Agregar loans him some money so he can afford the magical bow. Agregar then sets his near sightless eyes on an enchanted battle axe. Literally. He has to get very, very close to the axe to clearly see that it is, in fact, an axe. He purchases the axe, pleased to find that even without training with axes before, it feels the same in his hand. Elmer takes a keen interest in Ed’s orbs and rod. However, Ed is very fond of his rod and is won’t be easily separated from his orbs. Despite his best efforts, Elmer can’t haggle a fair price for the goods. Agregar asks Ed if he has seen the Iron Hearts. Ed hasn’t seen them since they delved into the ruins, and has no idea where they would have gone in the ruins. He does know that the Iron Hearts asked a cleric of a cult dedicated to the same artifact that the Iron Hearts are searching for. The group takes off for this cleric, hoping to find some information about where the crystal bird is hidden.

The party heads to the feather adorned temple of the crystal/jeweled bird/eagle. They head inside to find Waylen, the head priest, only to find that Alasse is already there. Waylen looks over, his dread locks swaying, and his unwashed odor spreading with the hair. He ushers the group over, all of whom look reluctant to approach Waylen. Alasse heads over to them, with Waylen respectfully waiting, inhaling deeply his incenses. Alasse explains that when Laird died, she went to the surface, and on coming back into the town, saw the temple to the crystal bird, and headed inside, effectively bypassing the other group members’ hard work and investigation. Agregar explains that they have a need of finding the bird. Waylen offers a map to the last known location of the bird, in exchange for the safe return of the bird. Agregar hesitates, trying to word around the promise, because they mean to destroy the bird to gain favor with the gods. Tired of half-truths and lies, Agregar starts to give an explanation as to what the bird really is, but Elmer decides that that is an unnecessary risk, and casts a sleep charm on him, which on its own does little to stop Agregar. However, with the overwhelming smells of the incense and the sleep charm, Agregar excuses himself to find some food and have a nap. Meanwhile, Rol’in lies to the priests face, and despite his dulled mind, Waylen catches on. Elmer speaks with charmed words, and Waylen immediately takes back his accusations and prepares a map for the adventurers. The group triumphantly heads outside to find Agregar digging up gardens for radishes.

The party once more delves into the deep of the Lemurian ruins. Following the map carefully, and using their ten foot pole at every opportunity to open the doors, the group finds their way into a large chamber. At one end is another door. However, the group fails to manipulate the pole as to open the door. Finally, Elmer gets tired and just fires a bolt of arcane magic at the door, incinerating and knocking it off its hinges in one go. Satisfied, the group heads forward. Rol’in comes to a second door, like at the butterfly exhibit, and opens it, triggering a flame trap that he side steps without even thinking twice. Safely on the other side, he attempts to deactivate the trap, but to no avail. Alasse attempts to time her run in between the bursts of fire, but fails. Elmer attempts to time his runs between the bursts of fire, and succeeds. However, he is so slow that he is still walking over the trap when it ignites again. Agregar, having none of this fire stuff, attempts to roll a boulder onto the fire, but fails as it is too heavy. Rol’in goes back across the fire like it ain’t no thang to help Agregar, but he can not move the rock either. Rol’in leaps across the trap again and Agregar follows, not even trying to dodge the flames, head bent in shame as he crosses the flaming barrier.

The party then finds their way into a large feasting hall. Behind them, Alasse notices a small, hairy man shuffling towards the group. He claims he is Peter, a man trapped by goblins, which he is forced to eat. Agregar can clearly tell he is lying and will have none of his bullshit. Peter then shapeshifts into a hideous ratman hybrid, which is only slightly more hairy than normal Peter. And only slightly more ugly. From the shadows of the great hall emerge another ‘wererat’ and two werewolves, rushing towards the party.

Agregar, perhaps brave in times of fear, or perhaps just not noticing the other beasts approaching swings his new axe at Peter, landing a solid blow. Rol’in runs for a table and leaps atop it, firing a heavy shot midair into the neck of one of the advancing werewolves. Alasse summons Laird once more and the two attack the nearest wererat. Rol’in keeps firing arrows at the werewolf nearest him, dodging its hits gracefully until he is bitten once. Peter snarls and draws back, leaping at Agregar with all his might, his jaws open wide, throwing all his energy at Agregar. He fails to do anything except chip a tooth and Agregar promptly swings his axe in a powerful strike, beheading the beast as blood squirts everywhere. He then swings his axe around, ignited with holy fire and strikes the wererat behind him. Elmer, safely out of harm’s way, hypnotizes the werewolf next to Agregar. He then controls the beast as if it were his body, swinging its mighty claws up. The second wererat looks at his comrade in terror. The wererat, bleeding profusely raises a weak paw up as a sign of yield. But the hypnotized werewolf can only watch as his own hands claw into his comrade, shredding his innards. Elmer meanwhile, is clawing at air with a maniacal look in his eyes. Rol’in’s werewolf bite has taken some fight out of him, and the werewolf is fast approaching. Elmer turns away from the carnage he caused and runs towards Rol’in, firing a magic missile. However, he slips on the entrails of the wererat and the projectile flies into the air. As we all know, magic missiles can not miss. The shot soars around the hall, bouncing off mirrors, orbiting around pillars, deflecting off Agregar’s armor until it is finally on a direct course for Rol’in. Elmer shrieks in anxiety. Alas, the werewolf leaps into the path of the magic missile. The sheer force of momentum the magic missile had launches the werewolf over Rol’in, flying into the wall on the other side. Audible splatter and cracks echo through the now oddly quiet chamber.

The last werewolf, now in a death match, bites at Agregar who is still distracted by the pretty light flying about the room. The beast then tries to run away. Agregar is closest, but refuses to finish the beast, prepared to offer it mercy. Rol’in, from across the room, lands a direct hit on the heart of the werewolf, killing it dead. Elmer inspects the bite wounds on Agregar and Rol’in and concludes that they have Werewolf Moon Frenzy, a disease usually contracted by being bitten by werewolves. He chuckles, and assures them that two hearty lads like themselves should be just fine, and muses that they should be thankful it wasn’t Wererat Filth Fever.

In the now quiet hall, the group hears calls for help. Never ones to leave the weak in danger, the group heads out to the rescue. As the approach, their hopes die as they hear that it is the Iron Hearts. Sir Redgar is pleading with whoever is out there for aid. Rolling his eyes, Agregar identifies himself through the door. They open the door to see an emaciated Sir Redgar, an exhausted looking Alkai, and a thoroughly annoyed looking Swiftleaf. Elmer sees Magellan, poring over texts in the corner, looking over all quite chipper. They explain that they were ambushed by the werebeats. Agregar gets down to business, and asks for the Crystal Bird. Sir Redgar claims that it is down the hall in another room. Rol’in heads to investigate, but Agregar can sense that Sir Redgar is lying. He slams the door on Sir Redgar who manages to hold it open. Sir Redgar decides that it isn’t worth it, and from a bird shaped lump in his shirt offers Agregar the bird. Agregar stuffs it down his armor where it is safe, even though it is very uncomfortable. The group returns to the surface, releasing the Iron Hearts, seeing no more use for them. The Warriors of Wisdom now have two of the three artifacts that need to be presented to the gods to earn their favor in the battle against Thrazidun.



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