The New World

Session 4 Part 3

In the time that the heroes have taken off, a new merchant has come into town. He is a slave trader, the half-orc Axgor. He has been capturing natives and selling them into slavery. None of the Warriors of Wisdom are pleased with this. They attempt to get Axgor to stop enslaving the natives, but nothing comes of it. However, as they leave Axgor’s shop, disheartened, they see a young Grey Fang women, shouting about the fact that she is an ambassador of the Grey Fangs to the Colony. The Guards stop her, but the Warriors of Wisdom agree to take her to the Captain.

Alasse, the Grey Fang Druid, introduces herself to the Warriors of Wisdom, and also to Captain Faranir, who is too busy to conduct serious business at the moment. He welcomes her into the community, and warns her to be careful, as she is the only woman within the Colony’s walls.

The next morning, Faranir tells the heroes that a band of Lizardfolk have been raiding the lumber shipments along the road from the Colony to the woodlot. It is suggested that the three of them act as decoys and then kill the ambushers when they attempt to ambush. Alasse decides to join them, much to the appreciation of Faranir, who really needs all the help he can get in these matters.

The new party make it to the lumber yard easily enough, especially with Agregar pulling the wagon. They load up the cart with lumber and begin to pull it back. About half way to the colony, Alasse notices a pack of Lizardfolk fast approaching. She summons her Bear/Shark/Beark, Laird, and tells Elmer to get on the cart, as he is the weakest. The Lizardfolk attack from all sides. Agregar draws their attention, cutting one down, but he is then netted by another. Elmer casts phantom cage, and then hypnosis on the net-bearing Lizardfolk pushing him away into the forest. Agregar, freeing himself from the net, swipes at the defenseless Lizardfolk, cutting him down. Meanwhile, Alasse, Laird, and Roli’n fight off two Lizardfolk. One, seeing Agregar kill two of his friends, sprints to attempt to cut down Agregar. Roli’n, having a bad day, misses a few more shots with his bow as Alasse cuts down the last two Lizardfolk in rapid succession.

The fierce battle over, Alasse notices a large cabinet in the middle of the woods, just off the road. Highly suspicious, the group approaches. They glean that it is enchanted with some arcane magicks, and suspect it is trapped. Agregar lifts the thing up and shakes it. A mild shaking, nothing serious. He yanks on the handle. Locked. He punches at the door of the cabinet. It doesn’t yield. Elmer attempts to magic the doors open. He fails. Roli’n wipes some of the blood off his sword onto the door, suspecting that it needs a blood offering. When it doesn’t work, he cuts his own hand and uses his own blood as a sacrifice. It does nothing. Agregar, somewhat dissapointed, loads the cabinet onto the cart, picks up the handles, and the group returns back to the Colony. (End Session 4)



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