The New World

Session 5

We rejoin our heroes taking the cart of wood back to the colony, with their magical cabinet in two. Well, specifically, Agregar is pulling the cart. Elmer is searching through the loot they achieved during the previous battles and finds a magical orb, blood red. He learns to harness it’s power for future battles. Upon returning to the colony, a sentry tells the party that Governor Faranir wants to see them. Agregar drops the cart off at the wood yard, and Alasse decides to return home to report back to her people.

Faranir is ecstatic upon hearing that the Lizardfolk raiding party was eliminated. He invites the party to a round on him at the Kel’s Tavern. Before they leave however, a Faranir remembers something about some ruins in Black Raven territory. The Black Ravens are the necromancer tribe that the party negotiated a treaty with some time ago. The ruins are supposedly very advanced architecturally and technologically. Faranir orders the group to investigate, after their drinks, of course.

At the tavern, the group notices a peculiar old gentleman in the corner. Robed and hooded, he doesn’t look familiar to the party. Roli’n and Elmer investigate while Agregar gets the drinks; two moonshines and a water, because Agregar doesn’t drink. The old man is very clever and evades the group’s questions. He claims ownership of the magic cabinet and is eager to have it returned it to him. After their drinks, the party goes and shows him the cabinet. The old man taps it twice with his staff, and both him and the cabinet disappear. Overly unimpressed, the three of them go to sleep in their cabin.

Deep in the night, Roli’n is looking for some fun. Instead, the old man returns to Roli’n and tells him that he is the Grandfather that Alasse told him of, in passing. He is also revealed to be a Lich, a powerful sorcerer. He offers Roli’n great rewards if he joins him, but Roli’n is hesitant. The Lich doesn’t seem to be worried with time, and leaves as Roli’n returns to sleep.

The next morning, Agregar and the two hung over elves trek north to Black Raven territory. They gain permission to enter the ruins that lie on Black Raven territory. The chief seems a little surprised that the Warriors of Wisdom know so little about the history of the ruins, and tells them that they will soon learn. The chief also expressed displeasure in the business of Axgor, the slave trader. Agregar vows to end his business, but in the meantime he tells the chief that he will stop the Black Ravens from being victims of the slave trade.

The adventurers delve into the ruins. They head left down a corridor, then right down another. Agregar is holding a lantern in his shield hand and is very cautious around doors, fearful that they may be trapped. The group enters a room, Agregar, in his usual way, neglects the coffins and the crypt-like structure of the room. It is only when the sarcophagi begin to slide open that the group goes on guard. Agregar tries to close a coffin, but realizes that closing it once won’t keep it shut. He tries the door, but it is sealed. Elmer and Roli’n prepare for the worst as 10 skeletons approach the party. But Agregar will have none of it, rushes at the door, and barrels through it. The group rushes down the corridor, Agregar bringing up the rear with his lantern in hand. The party bottlenecks the skeletons down the narrow corridor. Roli’n shoots down several of them with his bow. Elmer magic missles many more, casting Pillar of Flame, leaving only narrow passage that isn’t on fire. Agregar draws in air, preparing to breathe flame on a cluster of the skeletons, but coughs, sputtering. The skeletons fall quickly under the combined effort of the heroes, however.

As the last skeleton falls, a cackling laugh reverberates through the hallway and the ruins themselves. It is the spirit, Coyote, a trickster. He reveals that the ruins are the remains of an ancient civilization (not Arkhosia) that created a machine powerful enough to cloud the gods’ vision of the future. The gods destroyed the city and the machine. Coyote wants the heroes to resurrect this machine with three pieces. Elmer doesn’t feel it is right to toy with the gods or their futures. Agregar can not be tempted into bringing Bahamut to any disadvantage. Roli’n is somewhat ambivalent, but stands firm with his friends. Coyote sneers, and retreats into the nothing from which he came. Elmer is eager to continue the exploration.

By searching through the ruins, the group finds a heavy magic orb, a staircase into the wilderness, and a dungeon with ancient skeletons. Out of nowhere, a wraith appears. Cloaked in shadow, filled with both a insatiable hatred and sickening lust for and against all things living. Its claws drip with necrosis incarnate and it releases a terrifying shriek as it swings at Agregar. Its claws bounce off his thick armor. Agregar is still greatly shaken, and fails to make contact with the beast. Roli’n fires arrows and swing his dual blades constantly, dealing much damage. Elmer breaks the wraith down with magic missiles. Agregar, drawing the attention of the wraith, falls under its blows. Elmer and Roli’n fight on, even though Roli’n is taking the full wrath of the wraith now. As Agregar begins to slip away, Elmer binds his wounds to keep him stable before killing the wraith as it goes for the finishing blow on Roli’n.

The heroes, a little swayed after their encounter with the wraith, return back to the colony. The group goes straight up to Axgor, demanding that he stop his trade of native slaves. After much convincing, Axgor agrees to stop his trade of Black Raven tribe natives, but refuses to free any current slaves. The group begrudgingly agrees to this terms. As they leave, they see a young Grippli with watery eyes look at Agregar. He is playing a violin somberly in a futile attempt to raise the spirits of his enslaved comrades. The group, knowing they can do nothing, look away and exit the slave camp.



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