The New World

Session 6, Part 1

We rejoin our beloved heroes Elmer, Rol’in, and Agregar almost 6 weeks after their return from the Lemurian ruins. Elmer has been practicing his magics, Rol’in has been keeping his bow skills sharp, and Agregar has been performing much heavy lifting. The colony has grown greatly, and many ships, some carrying women, children, and supplies from the new world have begun to perform regular trade with Anaea. However, one ship stands out. An enormous Goblin Hulk has plowed into shore near the colony’s port. It carries hundreds of goblins, easily outnumbering the colony 10 to 1. Mayor Faranir is curious to what the Goblin Hulk has aboard. He sends the Warriors of Wisdom to investigate the power structure and hierarchy of the Goblin ship.

The ship is massive and made of iron. It looks as though it should not possibly float, but it miraculously does. Rol’in opts to board the ship via a rickety rope ladder. This proves to be sufficient. When the group makes it to the top deck of the ship, the bazaar deck, it proves to be chaos, and chaos, and more chaos. There are goblins mugging each other, hocking goods, shooting at each other in the rigging of the ship with crossbows. The adventurers are easily taller than all of the Goblins and stick out quite plainly. A small group of goblins approach Agregar, the tallest. Flashing his shiv, he advises the three to join him at the One-Eyed Dolphin, owned by Melgab and the safest tavern on the ship. Agregar flashes his longsword, proving that he isn’t threatened. Elmer, however, wants to sample the alcohols aboard the Hulk, and urges the group to go.

Upon arriving at the One-Eyed Dolphin, two things are clearly visible: the animated dolphin corpse, and the massive, Agregar-sized goblin bouncer, Zeechar. Agregar and Zeechar make nice, and the group ventures inside. The inside is filthy, but the goblins seem slightly less shady than the ones outside. The bartender, almost before they are inside, orders them to buy something. Rol’in orders the strongest drink they have. Upon consuming it, he is visibly shaken and doesn’t order another. Elmer orders three, and passes out. Agregar orders a warmed, raw steak. This is when Not Important, a goblin thug, approaches the group. He says his employer, Balgren the Fat, has some work for a group of, well, non-goblins. Suspicious, the group agrees to hear the Fat out.

The group moves to the back of the inn. Balgren, surrounded by his small army of guards, offers the adventurers a proposition. He needs a box to be transported to the Murdered Dunce, another tavern on deck. He will pay them 3300 gold if they manage to transport it within the hour. He makes it clear that they must not kill anyone when they are carrying the box however. They must also never look into the box or try to examine it. The group agrees. He then pulls a glowing blue box, about 2.5 feet square somewhere from within his robes. He is that fat.

Immediately after leaving the room, the group rents a room in the inn to investigate the box. They can tell that the box contains something magical that would be damaged by a murder around it. This means that no one must be killed around the box. Naturally, this means they cannot carry the box through the main deck of the ship. Rol’in offers the idea of climbing through the rafters. Elmer suggests that Agregar would fall, as to hide his own fear of heights. This leaves only one option. Travelling through the underbelly of the ship, down to the docks, and then back up to the Murdered Dunce…



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