The New World

Session 6, Part 2

The one lower deck that the group needs to travel through is infested with Old World Kobolds. The realize they must convince the Kobolds to let them pass through if they are to make it in time. Luckily, Agregar is not a Goblin. He convinces the Kobold of this, and gains access. The box is explained away as an illusory distraction to would be thieves. Impressed, the Kobold guard lets them pass. Rol’in leads the way down the dragon skeleton that makes up part of the hull of the ship. They make it back to the dock and are making excellent time. A beautiful Elvish maiden runs up to Rol’in, informing him that he is in great danger. Agregar and Elmer, still climbing down, can tell she is clearly lying, and when they make it down to the dock, they walk right passed her. The elf tells Rol’in to come away with her. However, Bros B4 Hos, and Rol’in manages to break his eyes from the elf long enough to catch up with his friends. At this moment, four Orcs jump out and attack the group. Agregar holds the box above his head, roars, and runs off down the dock. Rol’in follows his example, parkouring his way to freedom. Elmer hobbles his way along with his friends, but is caught almost immediately by an orc.

Unfazed, Elmer blinks away. However, he only blinks about five feet away, and is still hobbling at a terrible rate. He is caught again, by the same orc. Elmer tries a simple distraction, and hypnotizing his target, but the Orc isn’t impressed. Finally, Elmer summons magical force, and fires backwards on the orc, pushing the orc back several feet. Newtonian physics still apply in this world, and the force that pushes an orc back 10 feet pushes the scrawny Elmer 100 feet through the air. Shrieking in delight, Elmer lands on Agregar’s back, arms around his neck, with an immense force of momentum. Agregar, in standard Agregar style, doesn’t notice until Elmer stops yelling, and the absence of sound catches his attention.

Next to the ladder back up to the ship there is a goblin beggar. He offers to carry the box, or give them directions. He asks the group for an impressive sum of 50 gold pieces. Obviously it isn’t for food, because Agregar bought a massive steak for 2 silvers, or 1/250th of that sum. Upon some pressure, the goblin reveals that he is in trouble with a gang of Hobgoblins. The group promises to protect him if he can get them to the Murderous Dunce. Unfortunately, the Hobgoblins intercept the group, and demand the money, 50 gold, from the beggar. Elmer and Rol’in pay the group off. The beggar thanks them and runs off, clicking his feet together as he jumps in glee. The Hobgoblins shrug and head off, their debt settled.

Finally the group makes it to the Murderous Dunce. However, 4 more orcs are blocking their entrance. Agregar tries to scare them off, but when that won’t work, Elmer blinds them, Agregar passes the box off to Rol’in, who hides it in his cloaks, and Elmer constructs an illusion in the same position as Agregar was holding the real box. Rol’in convinces the group that if they touch the box it will be ruined. Thus the group is at a standstill. The Warriors of Wisdom can’t make it through, and the orc party can’t get the box. The orc leader curses and leaps for the box, dispelling the illusion. Agregar tries to convince them that there was never a box and it was an illusion, but he also bumps into Rol’in, creates a square imprint in his cloak for a moment, revealing the location of the box.

The first orc grabs the box from Rol’in and starts running. Elmer traps him in an illusion of a cage of knives, stopping him from moving. Agregar punches a few of the orcs before drawing his sword and banging them with the hilt. This allows Rol’in to shoot the runner orc in the leg, immobilizing him further. At this, the orcs begin to run away in fear. Agregar runs up and puts the runner orc in a choke hold, allowing Rol’in to grab the box and run it into the bar. The recipient takes it and runs upstairs to escape through his bedroom window. He tells Rol’in to dispatch of the orcs if he has to, and buy the recipient some time. Rol’in rushes back out and tells the group to kill whoever they want. Elmer kills two of the orcs with two magic missiles, one orc escapes, leaving the runner orc in an Agregar choke hold.

Agregar promises to let the leader orc go if he goes back and tells his employer what happened, as to instill fear into whoever sent them. The orc crawls away as fast as his crippled leg could carry him, somewhat ruining the image. In fact, to get back to the One-Eyed Dolphin, the actually walk past him. Sort of embarrassing, I suppose.

On their way back, the group cuts down an imprisoned harpy, allowing it to go free, and thus, not die of thirst. Balgren the Fat gives the party 3000 gold, a lower sum, due to the fact that there was killing, even if it was after the box was delivered. Finally done with the mission, the group decides to go to the Royal, the best tavern on the Hulk. The group manages to talk their way past the bouncer. The bartender tells them of the anarchy aboard the ship. The goblin warlords run the clans, and the shamans run the boat, essentially. Elmer gets passed out drunk again, Agregar tries some not delicious fungusman juice. He downs it without emotion, and then asks for a nice seltzer water to wash it down.

Finally, after a long day aboard the filthy ship, the group returns to the colony, and reports to Faranir. He thanks them for their reconnaissance, but brings up two details they should consider. Shantytowns of treasure hunters are building up around the Lemurian ruins that Faranir wants investigated. He is also concerned that the Goblins may group together to attack the colony. Agregar is doubtful, and this comforts Faranir, but he is still worried. The group retires to their recently renovated home, resting up for their next adventure.



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