The New World

Session 4 Part 2

4 days later, the party approaches the gold mine. A lone Kobold is on guard. The party is spotted, but not immediately attacked. The Kobold hurls insults at the group, riling up Roli’n and Elmer, but Agregar refuses to lead an attack. The Kobold claims that there are raiding parties prepared to attack the colony if the party should break the treaty by attacking him or crossing the border. Eventually, Roli’n gets fed up and fires a shot at the Lizardfolk, possibly named Patrick (or SsssssssSss), maiming his arm. Patrick screams and claims the attack an act of war, retreating back to the Kobold village.

The heroes know not how many Kobolds there are, and decide to return to the colony to defend it. Roli’n stays behind as to ascertain the amount and direction of the forces. He fails, and heads homewards. 5 days later, Elmer and Agregar make it back to the Colony. Agregar is somewhat panicked, rushing through the now fairly expansive colony to the Captain’s office. He barges in through the window, and informs Faranir of the impending Kobold attack. When asked as to why this attack should occur, Agregar veils the truth by saying that the Kobolds are just being aggressive. Faranir will have none of it, and eventually extracts that the Warriors of Wisdom violated the treaty with the Kobolds, triggering the attack. He puts Agregar and Elmer to work defending the colony. He is also forced to recall all soldiers back from the woodlot to defend the colony as well

Days pass, and there is no sign of a Kobold attack. Faranir is furious that the colony lost many days productivity because of an attack that never occured. Agregar, frustrated, appears angry, which tames Faranir a bit. The party leaves Faranir, and heads back to the colony proper, when Thelonious approaches them. He wants to know what is happening. The Kobold threat hurt his business, and he is quite angry. The party tells him about the prospective gold mine. Thelonious refuses to pay his fee of 1200 gold until the Kobold threat on the gold mine is eliminated. The Warriors of Wisdom take off immediately to regain some respect in the colony.

A week later, the party has arrived at the gold mine. There are no Kobolds on guard. They go through the caves. No Kobolds. The emerge on the other side, expecting a Kobold force. None. A small cluster of huts is visible in the distance. Roli’n, the stealthiest, investigates. However, he is spotted by the same Kobold shaman that revived the heroes in Session 2. There are only three other Koboldin the town. Agregar, Elmer, and Roli’n make quick work of the three Kobolds, but they knock out the shaman in an attempt to show him mercy.

When the Shaman awakes however, he is furious. Apparently the eleven Kobolds that attacked him were all the Kobolds in the entire village and tribe. The Warriors of Wisdom have killed all of them, except the Shaman. The Shaman reveals that the threats of war and the harsh treaty was a guise to protect the KboldsThey decide to execute, as mercifully and painlessly as possible, the last Kobold. Agregar buries and presides over the graves, fearful that he has upset Bahamut in the killing of innocents.

The party returns to the colony. Thelonious is well pleased, and so is Faranir. Thelonious pays the party its sum of 1200 gold coins, or 400 per hero. However, Agregar refuses to accept the blood money, leaving 600 to the other two heroes. The colony praises the Warriors of Wisdom for dispatching the Kobolds so fiercely. None of the heroes feel too proud about their genocide, especially when it is added to the massacre of the Lizardfolk a month ago. (End Session 4 Part 2)

Session 4 Part 1

As Roli’n revives his fellow heroes, the scout Raennor runs up to Roli’n, thanking him for drawing the attention of Biggie, our favorite Lizardfolk brute. Zarra, dazed, runs into the forest while Raennor draws the attention of Roli’n. Agregar and Elmer wake back up, and the two make the journey back to the colony to tell the Captain the good news, on their way retrieving some armor and weapons off dead Lizardfolk. This replaces the gear they lost to the Kobolds, essentially.

Agregar, Elmer, and Roli’n arrive back at the colony, only to learn of the arrival of two new ships into the harbor. The first is a Royal Supply ship. It bears many new men, fresh and eager for work, as well as many merchants.The second ship is the personal pleasure yacht of the rich merchant Thelonious. Captain Faranir congratulates the heroes on their success, and confiding in them that the new woodlot will greatly help the colony’s construction. Faranir also tells the heroes that Thelonious has invited them to a private dinner on his yacht. Naturally, the three heroes take Thelonious up on his offer, and board a small boat to take them to the yacht anchored offshore.

Thelonious’ ship is well-furnished and worked by a crew made up largely of attractive women. A crew member leads the heroes to their seats as Thelonious joins the table. Roli’n immediately tries to flirt with the pretty maids, only to be shot down twice. Agregar is equally distracted by the grand array of food. Elmer, however, gets down to business. Thelonious wants to hire the Warriors of Wisdom to locate goods and resources along the river, so he can exploit their value. He offers them 1200 gold pieces to travel 2 weeks up the river, into Kobold territory, and 2 weeks back, and report on any potential ‘gold mines’ of wealth. The Warriors of Wisdom wisely decide to NOT tell Thelonious about the potential gold mine on the river, nor about the Kobolds. Thelonious provides rations for their month long journey. The heroes return to shore, suspicious of Thelonious’ motives, but happy for employment nonetheless. Back at the Colony Tavern, the raiding party is celebrating their victory. Roli’n and Elmer join, but Agregar decides to stay sober, and be designated driver.

The heroes set of on their journey upriver after Roli’n and Elmer sober up. The first nights pass uneventfully. Three nights upriver,however, Elmer is on first watch. He notices some shapes quickly approaching their small camp in a small clearing. Three wolves emerge, and immediately rip into Elmer’s soft flesh. Elmer, bleeding badly, wakes Agregar and Roli’n. The three fight the wolves, killing one fairly swiftly. Elmer, slightly knackered from blood loss, casts pillar of flames inside the tent on one of the wolves. The now flaming tent scares away the remaining two wolves. Agregar punches at the tent with his fists and shakes the tent walls in an attempt to stop the spread of flames. Roli’n makes two trips in and out of the tent to get food (about a week) and other supplies to safety. Agregar does the same, barreling through the side of the flaming tent unscathed with about a week of food. Elmer, trapped in the tent, grabs as much food as he can and runs through the fire. He emerges from the tent aflame, tossing food in the air and running in a circle. He eventually drops to the ground and rolls, putting out the flames, but is badly burnt. (End Session 4, Part 1)

Session 3

The party rests at their camp outside the Lizardfolk Village. Roli’n, on watch, just barely notices a humanoid shape sprinting along the outskirts of the camp. Curious, he follows it. Roli’n catches up to the figure, tackling it, discovering that it is the Drow Zarra. Zarra tries to lie her way out of Roli’n’s grasp, but he sees through her. After a brief scuffle, Zarra escapes and Roli’n, bloodied, returns to the camp to tell the others.

Zarra returns to her now destroyed camp and is subsequently ambushed and captured by a pack of Lizardfolk.

Later, Roli’n, Agregar, and Elmer launch their attack on the Lizardfolk Village. By failing their stealth rolls, they end up blundering into the camp, losing the element of surprise. The raiding party of 25 colonists and the ‘Warriors of Wisdom’ lay waste to the town lighting it on fire and battling light resistance from Lizardfolk warriors.

Roli’n sees the Drow from the night before tied up to a pole in a still burning hut. The three enter the hut, interrogating her. When she tries to lie again, Agregar roars in her face to tell the truth. Zarra breaks down in a catatonic state. The heroes untie her from the pole, but keep her bound, dragging her out of the burning hut.

At this moment, a horde of roughly 8 Lizardfolk appears. One is very large, larger than even Agregar, and leads the charge. The heroes leave Zarra with a guard, and go to battle. Roli’n finds a bow, and begins picking off the minions as Agregar draws the rest of towards him. Elmer, using magic, throws Biggie, the brute Lizardfolk, into a flaming hut. Biggie emerges from the flaming building, and as the last minion falls, strikes down Agregar. Disconcerted, Elmer and Roli’n run in opposite directions to confuse Biggie. He chases Elmer and downs him At this moment, Zarra slips her bonds and goes after Biggie, who strikes her down as well, as she was injured still. Roli’n, the last hope, runs around buildings, firing arrows at Biggie, narrowly avoiding his strikes by mere feet.

Finally, Roli’n is cornered by Biggie. Roli’n, bloodied, feigns death, very believably, and surprises Biggie with a dual sword strike, finally finishing the beast. He then revives Agregar and Elmer, as well as retying Zarra.
To be continued…?

Sessions 1 and 2
Wherein our heroes win and then lose

The brave heroes Agregar, Elmer, and Roli’n set foot upon the New World for the first time at the beginning of Session 1, and were put to work immediately by Captain Faranir. They were tasked with finding a suitable place for the groundwork of the colony to be laid and soon stumbled across a garden which looked as if were a recent construction. They found a guardian of an ancient Totem of the Earth Spirit, to whom they promised to be good stewards of the land.

They also defeated the guardian in mortal combat as a test of their strength. They were rewarded with the Earth Totem and then asked to choose who to give it to. They could have given it to the Black Ravens, the Grey Fangs,the grippli, or they could have kept it. Instead they gave it back to the Earth and were rewarded with great wealth, and the respect of the native tribes.

In Session 2, the party went to investigate a stand of trees that the colony was considering using as lumber for the expansion of the colony. Unfortunately lizardfolk consider the grove tho be sacred and the party decided to back off. After investigating further around camp by talking to the scout Raennor, they gave up on the idea.

Next the party made their way upriver in search of logs which they could float downriver from a different stand of trees. They found that the river entered a cave which was full of gold, but unfortunately they were attacked by a band of kobolds and were defeated and taken prisoner. They negotiated thier own release by giving the kobolds all of their stuff, so now our intrepid nabd finds themselves generally stuff-less.

In order to show Faranir that they have some competence, the party then made its way to the harbor and negotiated a 20 year treaty with the Black Ravens. It allows them to practice necromancy in peace, but also secures land rights to the harbor for the Colony. Part of the deal is that Pelorites cannot live near Black Raven villages, but they can send missionaries to visit villages during the day.

Lastly, the party rounded out the session by getting together a warband to go mess up the lizardfolk (remember them?) and get the colony some trees. They dealt with some lizardfolk scouts in order to keep knowledge of the raid a secret, and are now closing in on the lizardfolk village in order to get them to move out…
To Be Continued


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