The New World

Session 9

With the black dragon slain, the party takes a brief moment to relax. Agregar is slightly distraught because he had a part in killing a dragon, which is sort of a no no for followers of Bahamut. Alasse on the other hand is upset because the dragon crushed her beark under foot. She heads off to the surface to recover in nature for a while. The dudes stay behind and rummage through the treasure of the dragon, getting some gold pieces, some gems. Hustlin’. With booty in tow, the group returns to the surface. It hasn’t gotten passed Agregar, mind you, that the Iron Hearts led them in to a trap.

Back at the Shanty Town, the group notices a plethora of merchants has sprung up, mostly dealing in magical artifacts from the ruins. Only one dealer has an actual sign, and the group heads to Ed’s Magical Artifacts Emporium, which surprisingly fits on one small piece of wood. Rol’in eyes a particularly vicious looking bow. After some haggling, Rol’in manages to secure a price that is well out of his price range. However, Agregar loans him some money so he can afford the magical bow. Agregar then sets his near sightless eyes on an enchanted battle axe. Literally. He has to get very, very close to the axe to clearly see that it is, in fact, an axe. He purchases the axe, pleased to find that even without training with axes before, it feels the same in his hand. Elmer takes a keen interest in Ed’s orbs and rod. However, Ed is very fond of his rod and is won’t be easily separated from his orbs. Despite his best efforts, Elmer can’t haggle a fair price for the goods. Agregar asks Ed if he has seen the Iron Hearts. Ed hasn’t seen them since they delved into the ruins, and has no idea where they would have gone in the ruins. He does know that the Iron Hearts asked a cleric of a cult dedicated to the same artifact that the Iron Hearts are searching for. The group takes off for this cleric, hoping to find some information about where the crystal bird is hidden.

The party heads to the feather adorned temple of the crystal/jeweled bird/eagle. They head inside to find Waylen, the head priest, only to find that Alasse is already there. Waylen looks over, his dread locks swaying, and his unwashed odor spreading with the hair. He ushers the group over, all of whom look reluctant to approach Waylen. Alasse heads over to them, with Waylen respectfully waiting, inhaling deeply his incenses. Alasse explains that when Laird died, she went to the surface, and on coming back into the town, saw the temple to the crystal bird, and headed inside, effectively bypassing the other group members’ hard work and investigation. Agregar explains that they have a need of finding the bird. Waylen offers a map to the last known location of the bird, in exchange for the safe return of the bird. Agregar hesitates, trying to word around the promise, because they mean to destroy the bird to gain favor with the gods. Tired of half-truths and lies, Agregar starts to give an explanation as to what the bird really is, but Elmer decides that that is an unnecessary risk, and casts a sleep charm on him, which on its own does little to stop Agregar. However, with the overwhelming smells of the incense and the sleep charm, Agregar excuses himself to find some food and have a nap. Meanwhile, Rol’in lies to the priests face, and despite his dulled mind, Waylen catches on. Elmer speaks with charmed words, and Waylen immediately takes back his accusations and prepares a map for the adventurers. The group triumphantly heads outside to find Agregar digging up gardens for radishes.

The party once more delves into the deep of the Lemurian ruins. Following the map carefully, and using their ten foot pole at every opportunity to open the doors, the group finds their way into a large chamber. At one end is another door. However, the group fails to manipulate the pole as to open the door. Finally, Elmer gets tired and just fires a bolt of arcane magic at the door, incinerating and knocking it off its hinges in one go. Satisfied, the group heads forward. Rol’in comes to a second door, like at the butterfly exhibit, and opens it, triggering a flame trap that he side steps without even thinking twice. Safely on the other side, he attempts to deactivate the trap, but to no avail. Alasse attempts to time her run in between the bursts of fire, but fails. Elmer attempts to time his runs between the bursts of fire, and succeeds. However, he is so slow that he is still walking over the trap when it ignites again. Agregar, having none of this fire stuff, attempts to roll a boulder onto the fire, but fails as it is too heavy. Rol’in goes back across the fire like it ain’t no thang to help Agregar, but he can not move the rock either. Rol’in leaps across the trap again and Agregar follows, not even trying to dodge the flames, head bent in shame as he crosses the flaming barrier.

The party then finds their way into a large feasting hall. Behind them, Alasse notices a small, hairy man shuffling towards the group. He claims he is Peter, a man trapped by goblins, which he is forced to eat. Agregar can clearly tell he is lying and will have none of his bullshit. Peter then shapeshifts into a hideous ratman hybrid, which is only slightly more hairy than normal Peter. And only slightly more ugly. From the shadows of the great hall emerge another ‘wererat’ and two werewolves, rushing towards the party.

Agregar, perhaps brave in times of fear, or perhaps just not noticing the other beasts approaching swings his new axe at Peter, landing a solid blow. Rol’in runs for a table and leaps atop it, firing a heavy shot midair into the neck of one of the advancing werewolves. Alasse summons Laird once more and the two attack the nearest wererat. Rol’in keeps firing arrows at the werewolf nearest him, dodging its hits gracefully until he is bitten once. Peter snarls and draws back, leaping at Agregar with all his might, his jaws open wide, throwing all his energy at Agregar. He fails to do anything except chip a tooth and Agregar promptly swings his axe in a powerful strike, beheading the beast as blood squirts everywhere. He then swings his axe around, ignited with holy fire and strikes the wererat behind him. Elmer, safely out of harm’s way, hypnotizes the werewolf next to Agregar. He then controls the beast as if it were his body, swinging its mighty claws up. The second wererat looks at his comrade in terror. The wererat, bleeding profusely raises a weak paw up as a sign of yield. But the hypnotized werewolf can only watch as his own hands claw into his comrade, shredding his innards. Elmer meanwhile, is clawing at air with a maniacal look in his eyes. Rol’in’s werewolf bite has taken some fight out of him, and the werewolf is fast approaching. Elmer turns away from the carnage he caused and runs towards Rol’in, firing a magic missile. However, he slips on the entrails of the wererat and the projectile flies into the air. As we all know, magic missiles can not miss. The shot soars around the hall, bouncing off mirrors, orbiting around pillars, deflecting off Agregar’s armor until it is finally on a direct course for Rol’in. Elmer shrieks in anxiety. Alas, the werewolf leaps into the path of the magic missile. The sheer force of momentum the magic missile had launches the werewolf over Rol’in, flying into the wall on the other side. Audible splatter and cracks echo through the now oddly quiet chamber.

The last werewolf, now in a death match, bites at Agregar who is still distracted by the pretty light flying about the room. The beast then tries to run away. Agregar is closest, but refuses to finish the beast, prepared to offer it mercy. Rol’in, from across the room, lands a direct hit on the heart of the werewolf, killing it dead. Elmer inspects the bite wounds on Agregar and Rol’in and concludes that they have Werewolf Moon Frenzy, a disease usually contracted by being bitten by werewolves. He chuckles, and assures them that two hearty lads like themselves should be just fine, and muses that they should be thankful it wasn’t Wererat Filth Fever.

In the now quiet hall, the group hears calls for help. Never ones to leave the weak in danger, the group heads out to the rescue. As the approach, their hopes die as they hear that it is the Iron Hearts. Sir Redgar is pleading with whoever is out there for aid. Rolling his eyes, Agregar identifies himself through the door. They open the door to see an emaciated Sir Redgar, an exhausted looking Alkai, and a thoroughly annoyed looking Swiftleaf. Elmer sees Magellan, poring over texts in the corner, looking over all quite chipper. They explain that they were ambushed by the werebeats. Agregar gets down to business, and asks for the Crystal Bird. Sir Redgar claims that it is down the hall in another room. Rol’in heads to investigate, but Agregar can sense that Sir Redgar is lying. He slams the door on Sir Redgar who manages to hold it open. Sir Redgar decides that it isn’t worth it, and from a bird shaped lump in his shirt offers Agregar the bird. Agregar stuffs it down his armor where it is safe, even though it is very uncomfortable. The group returns to the surface, releasing the Iron Hearts, seeing no more use for them. The Warriors of Wisdom now have two of the three artifacts that need to be presented to the gods to earn their favor in the battle against Thrazidun.

Session 8 Bonus

Unbeknownst to the other party members, Rol’in was visited by the Lich as he passed from Cognate’s portal to the Lemurian Utopia. The Lich offers Rol’in a job. The Lich desires an agent on the inside of the Palorite temple. Rol’in must gain sufficient black mail material as to gain an in inside the Palorite temple. The Lich has chosen a librarian and scribe Wes Cunningham to be this agent. He offers Rol’in no further instruction, only that he must not know a Lich is behind his work.

When Rol’in arrives back at the Colony after the adventures in the Lemurian alternate dimension, he goes to work befriending Wes Cunningham before he tries to black mail him. He offers the young Palorite a few drinks after he is finished at the library, and Cunningham takes him up on his offer. Before they go to the bar, Rol’in introduces Wes and Agregar. This will be important later.

At the tavern, Rol’in gets Wes very drunk on mead after a lot of glasses. Rol’in himself stays very sober, thanks to his high alchohol tolerance. Agregar and Alasse sit at a nearby table. Agregar doesn’t catch what Rol’in is doing, or his own part in this. Alasse notices what Rol’in is doing, but doesn’t say anything. Elmer is passed out at the bar again. Rol’in convinces Wes to get a ‘wench,’ and he suggests one he has pre-paid before to seem as if she was genuinely interested in him. Rol’in is cunning. Ham. When Wes and the wench are getting it on, Rol’in asks Agregar to go check on the Palorite apprentice. He is horrified to see that he is engaging in carnal relations contrary to his vows. Rol’in now has a witness and sufficient black mail, as if Wes is discovered, he loses his place in the temple and his honor.

The wench reveals herself as a Homonculus, or something, some sort of shapeshifter, apparently sent under orders of the Lich. When Wes awakes, he is devastated that he was betrayed by Rol’in, who is now blackmailing him. Wes agrees to do whatever Rol’in asks of him as long as he keeps what happened a secret. Rol’in, to tie up a loose end, tells Agregar to tell no one about what he saw unless Rol’in tells him to. Agregar doesn’t really care because it is a Palorite priest, not one of Bahamut, so he agrees to do what Rol’in asks.

After this, the group returns to the Lemurian ruins and fights a dragon. Its out of order, I know.

Session 8 Part 2

Our heroes find themselves back in the Magister’s office, with Cognate waiting for them. He is glad that they succeeded, but dissapointed in the chaos and loss of life they caused the Lemurians. He explains that the people who live inside the portal are the descendants of ancient Lemurians kept hidden there by a powerful wizard as to keep the Lemurian culture alive. This wizard knew that the machine the Lemurians used to weaken the gods would end up destroying the Lemurians. The machine, the same that Coyote wanted the heroes to find, is also connected to an evil demon Thrazidun. Cognate knows that there are three parts to the machine. One is the sphere the group already recovered from the ruins. The second is a crystalline bird. Cognate swears to assist the heroes if they should try to help him destroy the machine. Eager to get the children home, and to get the hell out of these creepy ruins, the party agrees to take Cognate along, if only to stop him from swearing loyalty.

As they emerge from the ruins, Sir Redgar and Iron Hearts greet them. They are impressed by their success and, after the kids throng the heroic Sir Redgar a la Captain Hammer, he offers to put up the Warriors of Wisdom 2.0 in the Iron Heart fortress for the night. Agregar and Alasse are dead set against it, but Redgar manages to guilt trip and corner the group into staying. Magellan the warlock is very happy to see Elmer, who reminds him of his long lost Uncle. Redgar is interested in Cognate, who looks like a statue at first. He convinces Agregar that it is a powerful golem. Agregar slyly orders Cognate to punch Redgar in the face, which he does with great force, impressing the now black-eyed Redgar. Nevertheless, the party is forced to spend an awkward and uncomfortable night in the Iron Heart keep before returning back to the colony to report to Faranir.

After they arrive home, it isn’t long before the party begins to go on the lookout for the crystal bird. They catch wind that the infamous slave trader Axgor has put a bounty of 50000 gold pieces on the bird, even hiring a seer to divine the location of the bird. Redgar himself and his Iron Hearts has taken up the gambit, and has begun to search where the seer has instructed them. Frustrated, the group returns to the shantytown to uncover where the Iron Hearts headed off to. After asking numerous adventurers, all armed with 10 foot poles, mind you, and the prospector who’s business is now booming thanks to the ten foot poles, the party decides to take a break in the inn. The innkeeper, and his nosey wife, immediately forfeit that the Iron Hearts headed into the ruin, but are split on whether the Warriors of Wisdom should follow them or seek out the seer. Rol’in opts for the direct approach, whereas Alasse trusts the innkeeper’s wife’s instincts. In the end, they head directly into the colony, following a trail that is all too clear.

Deep in the caverns, the group has opened many doors from good distance, kept sharp eyes for tripwires, and Agregar has been holding a lantern for a long time. Finally, they come to a large open chamber, filled with treasure. Rol’in begins carefully eyeing treasure away behind one of the pillars. Agregar moves forward, not noticing that the great black shadow ahead of him doesn’t fade away with his lantern’s light. He stumbles on something and falls atop a large object, cold to the touch, but pulsing with the obvious feel of a heartbeat. The lantern flies through the air and hits something with a crash, extinguishing the flame. In the darkness echoes a startled roar. Rol’in ducks to the ground, drawing his bow. Alasse summons Laird, her beark companion, and Elmer lights up the room with his cantrips. Immediately visible is a great black dragon, the evilest of the chromatic dragons. Agregar wastes no time and cuts into the beast, roaring back and gaining the attention of the dragon, as if he hadn’t already. The dragon misses with a great bite as his eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness, but a glob of acid burns Agregar, who recoils by breathing fire into the dragon’s open maw. Rol’in releases a powerful shot that hits the dragon in the throat, but not enough to do serious damage. Alasse sends in Laird while Elmer fires his pillar of flame, igniting the dragon once more.

The fight rages on, Elmer casting spells, and pushing the dragon away from Agregar, who keeps on swinging at the beast. Rol’in fires shots into the wounds cut open by the claws of Laird. Alasse tosses Agregar a healing acorn which keeps the effects of the acid to a minimum. Rol’in sneaks behind the dragon and stabs it. Agregar blinds the dragon with holy radiance, only to have it snap its teeth at him on instinct. Agregar’s sword is now cutting deep into the dragon’s hide, spurting acidic blood at him. He steps back, and the dragon crushes Laird underfoot as he recoils from the sword. Alasse, furious, charges forward, leaping into the air with her staff above her head. The dragon twists its head and prepares to spurt acid at his flying target, but Elmer casts a powerful shock spell that knocks the dragon off balance for only a moment, stunning it with immense electrical force just long enough for Alasse to release a heavy blow from her staff that crushes the dragon’s skull. The energy she exerts into the head of the dragon allows her to flip over the corpse and land on her feet. But as the dragon’s head crashes into the stone floor, a fang, covered in acidic blood breaks from the jaw of the beast and flys outward towards Alasse. Agregar leaps ahead of the fang and takes it in the chest, in an amazing show of reflex, if nothing else, as he can’t normally tell if he’s above ground or not.

Despite their victory over the dragon, Rol’in can tell something is amiss. There is no way the Iron Hearts came by this passage without getting destroyed by the dragon or killing it. He surmises that they must have left a false trail as to throw off anyone who would come looking for them. This can mean only that the Iron Hearts aren’t as friendly as they seem. Or that they’re just good at faking trails. Either way, I guess.

Session 8 Part 1

Our heroes emerge from Cognate the construct’s portal and emerge in the middle of a pastoral field. However, this field is only an alternate plane of existance, created by some powerful sorceror. Behind them is a door, presumably the portal’s exit, and ahead of them is a group of human peasants, in shock . They don’t understand common, and Agregar’s attempts at communication are doing no one good. Alasse attempts to speak with them with her understanding of Lemurian, but the dialect is different and the peasants aren’t too keen on communicating in the first place. In the distance a group of guards and mages can be seen rushing towards the door in the fields. Things aren’t going ‘well.’ The guards rush up to the Warriors of Wisdom 2.0 and immediately start apprehending them. Alasse continues her attempts to communicate, but the guards assure her that she is an evil being from a different dimension and can’t be trusted.

The militia take the group to the mayor of The Town. While Rol’in, Elmer and Alasse try to convince the mayor to let them return the children, who have been transported here by cognate, to their parents, Agregar is busy making enemies with the mayor, who orders his guards to throw him in the dungeon. Meanwhile, the mayor explains to the others that all outsiders are evil, and come from a devastated wasteland. Elmer makes the point that obviously he would be evil, if all outsiders are evil. The mayor agrees that Elmer doesn’t seem evil, just creepy, and Alasse points out that the children are not evil either. On this, the mayor allows the three to leave and visit the town, but if they make one error, they will be killed immediately. Elmer naturally suggests the group heads to the bar.

As they walk to the tavern, they notice that the sun is actually a massive gold sphere, enchanted to float and glow. Rol’in tries to think of a way to get to it, but since it is in the sky, that would be difficult. The group decides they need a distraction so that they can get the children, and Agregar, back to the door, and then back to the shantytown. Rol’in surmises the best distraction would be to try to break Agregar out, but there are far too many guards. As they drink, the natives gather around them. Eventually the natives interrogate the group about the outside world. Alasse does most of the talking, since she has the best Lemurian. She tells them about how the outside world, and how it isn’t a wasteland. This is blasphemy to the church here, and they refuse to accept this whole ‘you are actually Lemurians’ stuff. Slowly, however, the natives begin to turn on the authority of the town. A mob gathers to march on the mayor’s office. When the guards go to protect the mayor, a riot breaks out in the streets. Distraction achieved.

Alasse and Elmer go after the children, who are at the church, while Rol’in goes to break Agregar out. The church is still serene, and the children are all safe. Alasse convinces the priests to evacuate the church, as the riot is a danger they must avoid. The high priest agrees, and the the entire church, along with the children, Alasse, and Elmer head away from the church. They head towards the fields, away from the town and the door. Elmer realizes they can’t keep heading away from the door, and since they can’t get the children away from the priests peacefully, he decides he needs to scare them off. Elmer tells Alasse to get the children onto Laird, the bear, and start leaving. The priests have none of this, however. Elmer creates a small glowing rune in the dirt. A few sparks pop into the air around them. More confused than anything, the priests demand to know what is happening. Elmer bluffs that this rune is very dangerous and if the priests follow, it will unleash death and stuff. The priests are now terrified and horrified, knowing now that these outsiders ARE evil. The high priest begs Elmer not to harm the children. Cackling, Elmer shuffles away, following Alasse and Laird back to the door-portal. Dortal.

Meanwhile, Rol’in sneaks past the chaos of the riot and into the dungeon beneath town hall. The riot has drawn all the guards except one away from the prisoner Agregar. The guard orders Rol’in to stop, and state his business. Rol’in waves at Agregar and then tells the guard that he is going to bust his friend out of prison. The guard, shocked by his honesty, tells him that is impossible, as first of all, he is still a guard, and second of all, the lock is not pickable and the door to solid to break down. Agregar, getting impatient, punches the lock , sending it flying across the room and embedding itself into the stone wall. The guard turns at the noise, only to see Agregar tackle and choke him out, leaving him unconcious, but alive.

The two head back to town square where the riot is centralized. The riot has grown out of hand, and Agregar can not see any more innocent lives lost on his behalf. Instead of closing his eyes like he normally does, he decides to try and stop the riot. His plan is simple because it doesn’t exist. He runs up to the podium where the mayor is trying to calm the people. He shoves the mayor to the ground, lightly, breathes fire into the air and swings his sword in the air, roaring loudly, shaking the podium with the pure sound. But, the people are unimpressed. They saw Agregar about an hour ago juggling in his cell, so he isn’t very intimidating. Rol’in, still in the shadows, decides that the only way to stop this riot from tearing the town in two is to prove the mayor right, that the outsiders are evil. He fires arrows into the crowd, jumps onto the podium with his swords drawn and hacks his way out of the riot out to the door in the field. Suddenly the mod realizes that they were tricked by the charismatic outsiders and begin to swarm Agregar and chase Rol’in. Agregar grabs the mayor and holds his sword to his throat, forcing the mob back. He then works his way back to the door, where Rol’in, Alasse, Laird, the children, and Elmer have all already gathered. Agregar orders the others through the door. He then tosses the mayor back to the large mob, and sprints through the doorway, slamming the door behind him.

Session 7 Part 2

In the deep caves beneath the Lemurian Ruins Agregar leads the way blindly (literally) through the dark passages. They have been tracking the goblins and their quarry for a while now when they come to a door covered in Lemurian runes. Rol’in immediately opts to open the door with the ten foot pole, and does so deftly. As he does, however, it is revealed that the corridor is a gauntlet, with massive scythes swinging from the ceiling. The group tries magically disabling the scythes, resetting the trip mechanism, and breaking the poles of the scythes. Agregar, running out of rocks to throw, grabs Rol’in’s flask and chucks it as well. Rol’in immediately dives through the scythes, unscathed, like a boss, and ends up on the other side. He sees a lever, uses it, and deactivates the trap. The group advances forward, Agregar on point. They walk down another corridor, and as they spot it, Agregar walks into a tripwire. A dart shoots out of the wall, hitting Agregar in the neck, poisoning him. Agregar staggers back, and whines about it until the others let him take a break. Literally just around the corner, Alasse notices signs of the children being dragged through another door, and after a short break of five minutes, the group moves on. After using the ten foot pole, to open the door, they run on into the room which happens to be a library.

Almost before she is in the room, Alasse spots a hobgoblin and two bugbears. She tries to talk them down while Elmer starts reading his spell book and Rol’in tests the bookshelves to see how easily he could climb them. Thog, the hobgoblin and the leader of the group, doesn’t care about what they have to say, and jumps over the table swinging his mace. But his foot catches on the table and he sort of falls flat over the table. Agregar leisurely steps onto the table and stabs the hobgoblin. Instead of howling in pain, he orders his lackeys to release the Ooze. the Ooze! Rol’in jumps onto the bookshelf, but his weight causes the bookshelf to collapse on top of him. Elmer, cackling with a maniacal look in his eye casts his fountain of flame, igniting one of the bugbears. Alasse summons her beark companion, Laird, mauls Thog. As Agregar turns to face the advancing Bugbears he is hit in the face by a mace and begins to fall over, but Alasse manages to push him back so he doesn’t fall off the table and Agregar keeps fighting. Rol’in, deftly climbs up one of the bookshelves he didn’t knock over and starts shooting the ooze, which is still nowhere close to the combat, moving at the speed of molasses, and leaving a sticky trail behind it. Elmer casts a shock spell on the two bugbears, dealing massive damage to them. Suddenly, the ooze has arrived. Surrounded on all sides, Agregar releases a roar, draws in air, and with immense force breathes fire to all his opponents. As the flames spread through the air, Rol’in leaps from the bookshelf, shortswords drawn. He flies through the air at the nearest Bugbear, who turns, sees him flying at him and shrieks in terror. But Rol’in misjudged the distance, and he slams into the ground, his swords nary an inch from the bugbear. Agregar swings his sword and then punches a bugbear into the still spewing fountain of flame before he falls down, taking damage from all his enemies. But Alasse force feeds the unconscious Agregar an acorn, and he gets back up, only to be consumed by the slime once more. Meanwhile, Laird and Elmer have finished off the two bugbears, Elmer taking advantages of his sanguine orb. From inside the ooze, Agregar cuts the beast in twain before falling prone once more. A splash of acid hits Elmer and he howls in pain. He begins to run away, at a snails pace, before realizing he should probably just teleport away. With a few more bites, magic missiles, quarter staff hits, and shortsword swipes, the slimes dissolve back into the earth. Agregar coughs up some acid from the slime, shrugs it off, and the party moves on ahead. The group barges through a door, screaming bloody murder. They move down a hallway, ready to gore any goblins and save the heck out of some kids. The burst through one last door, only to find that it is, in fact, a toilet.

So they go back to the library and see a very obvious door, and move through it. Inside is the office of a Magister (?). He is long gone, but there remains a very normal looking statue of a man. Agregar, still in a blind blood lust, leaps at the stone man and punches it in the face. The others laugh at Agregar. Silly Agregar, stone people aren’t real. But then the statue reveals itself to be a golem, a living stone man construct thing. He assures the group that he meant the children no harm when he sent them through the portal. He then opens a portal in a wardrobe, and ushers the group through. Suspicious, the group decides to do it. For the children. For the red dawn. For Frodo. Forth Eorlingas!

Session 7 Part 1

A few days later, the Warriors of Wisdom prepare for their expedition to the shantytown forming at one of the entrances to the Lemurian ruins. By ‘preparing for their expedition,’ of course, I mean Elmer and Rol’in are getting wasted. In the door walks Alasse, the Grey Fang Druid, and ambassador to the colony who was introduced months ago. She reintroduces herself to Agregar, who is terribly confused and has no idea who Alasse is, as he is terrible at recognizing faces, or colors. Eventually, it is sorted out who Alasse is, and she offers to join the heroes at the shantytown. And there was much rejoicing.

The new and improved party with 33% more members arrives at the shantytown and is horrified as to how much it resembles the Goblin Hulk. Its chaotic, smells bad, and there are people hocking/hawking goods everywhere. To clarify, the stench is of depression, poverty, hopelessness, and fecal matter. Deciding to get off the main roads, they head into an inn known as the Prancing Pony. A group of halflings sit in the corner, hiding the glint of some jewelry from a mysterious looking human ranger in the corner. Despite how interesting this is, the party can’t avoid noticing another group of adventurers at the bar. They are mysteriously similar to the Warriors of Wisdom, almost their mirror images. First is Sir Redgar, the Agregar sized human fighter. Next to him stands Alkai the (half) Elf ranger. Then there is Magellan the human warlock of considerable age. Finally there is Swiftleaf, a Black Raven Druid. Alasse, a Grey Fang, immediately dislikes her Black Raven counterpart. Sir Redgar introduces himself to Agregar, calling his party the Iron Hearts. Alkai is to aloof to talk to Rol’in, but Magellan and Elmer hit it off nicely. Swiftleaf and Alasse get into some kind of argument, and Agregar, trying to defuse the situation, tries to introduce Swiftleaf to Bahamut, since that always goes over well. Redgar mentions vast treasures in the deep areas of the ruins, but repeatedly mentions “If you don’t go, there’ll be more for us!” Thoroughly creeped out by their counterparts, the warriors of wisdom check into rooms in the inn. Alasse gets her own room, Elmer and Rol’in share the other, with Agregar sleeping on the floor next to the door because it was a small bed.

Deep in the night, some goblins were looking for some fun. So they raided the shantytown. They lit some of the buildings alight while they made off with some children as slaves. The group, minus the hungover Elmer, assists in the water brigade. At daybreak, the group decides to go after the children, and the Iron Hearts go after treasure. So, screw them. Posers. Before leaving, they get a supply pack with 10 foot pole and some salted pork, with some other junk. As they leave the town, they notice that Jeremy and Travis, the Anaean guards of the town were brutally slain in the raid. Agregar sheds manly tears.

Session 6, Part 2

The one lower deck that the group needs to travel through is infested with Old World Kobolds. The realize they must convince the Kobolds to let them pass through if they are to make it in time. Luckily, Agregar is not a Goblin. He convinces the Kobold of this, and gains access. The box is explained away as an illusory distraction to would be thieves. Impressed, the Kobold guard lets them pass. Rol’in leads the way down the dragon skeleton that makes up part of the hull of the ship. They make it back to the dock and are making excellent time. A beautiful Elvish maiden runs up to Rol’in, informing him that he is in great danger. Agregar and Elmer, still climbing down, can tell she is clearly lying, and when they make it down to the dock, they walk right passed her. The elf tells Rol’in to come away with her. However, Bros B4 Hos, and Rol’in manages to break his eyes from the elf long enough to catch up with his friends. At this moment, four Orcs jump out and attack the group. Agregar holds the box above his head, roars, and runs off down the dock. Rol’in follows his example, parkouring his way to freedom. Elmer hobbles his way along with his friends, but is caught almost immediately by an orc.

Unfazed, Elmer blinks away. However, he only blinks about five feet away, and is still hobbling at a terrible rate. He is caught again, by the same orc. Elmer tries a simple distraction, and hypnotizing his target, but the Orc isn’t impressed. Finally, Elmer summons magical force, and fires backwards on the orc, pushing the orc back several feet. Newtonian physics still apply in this world, and the force that pushes an orc back 10 feet pushes the scrawny Elmer 100 feet through the air. Shrieking in delight, Elmer lands on Agregar’s back, arms around his neck, with an immense force of momentum. Agregar, in standard Agregar style, doesn’t notice until Elmer stops yelling, and the absence of sound catches his attention.

Next to the ladder back up to the ship there is a goblin beggar. He offers to carry the box, or give them directions. He asks the group for an impressive sum of 50 gold pieces. Obviously it isn’t for food, because Agregar bought a massive steak for 2 silvers, or 1/250th of that sum. Upon some pressure, the goblin reveals that he is in trouble with a gang of Hobgoblins. The group promises to protect him if he can get them to the Murderous Dunce. Unfortunately, the Hobgoblins intercept the group, and demand the money, 50 gold, from the beggar. Elmer and Rol’in pay the group off. The beggar thanks them and runs off, clicking his feet together as he jumps in glee. The Hobgoblins shrug and head off, their debt settled.

Finally the group makes it to the Murderous Dunce. However, 4 more orcs are blocking their entrance. Agregar tries to scare them off, but when that won’t work, Elmer blinds them, Agregar passes the box off to Rol’in, who hides it in his cloaks, and Elmer constructs an illusion in the same position as Agregar was holding the real box. Rol’in convinces the group that if they touch the box it will be ruined. Thus the group is at a standstill. The Warriors of Wisdom can’t make it through, and the orc party can’t get the box. The orc leader curses and leaps for the box, dispelling the illusion. Agregar tries to convince them that there was never a box and it was an illusion, but he also bumps into Rol’in, creates a square imprint in his cloak for a moment, revealing the location of the box.

The first orc grabs the box from Rol’in and starts running. Elmer traps him in an illusion of a cage of knives, stopping him from moving. Agregar punches a few of the orcs before drawing his sword and banging them with the hilt. This allows Rol’in to shoot the runner orc in the leg, immobilizing him further. At this, the orcs begin to run away in fear. Agregar runs up and puts the runner orc in a choke hold, allowing Rol’in to grab the box and run it into the bar. The recipient takes it and runs upstairs to escape through his bedroom window. He tells Rol’in to dispatch of the orcs if he has to, and buy the recipient some time. Rol’in rushes back out and tells the group to kill whoever they want. Elmer kills two of the orcs with two magic missiles, one orc escapes, leaving the runner orc in an Agregar choke hold.

Agregar promises to let the leader orc go if he goes back and tells his employer what happened, as to instill fear into whoever sent them. The orc crawls away as fast as his crippled leg could carry him, somewhat ruining the image. In fact, to get back to the One-Eyed Dolphin, the actually walk past him. Sort of embarrassing, I suppose.

On their way back, the group cuts down an imprisoned harpy, allowing it to go free, and thus, not die of thirst. Balgren the Fat gives the party 3000 gold, a lower sum, due to the fact that there was killing, even if it was after the box was delivered. Finally done with the mission, the group decides to go to the Royal, the best tavern on the Hulk. The group manages to talk their way past the bouncer. The bartender tells them of the anarchy aboard the ship. The goblin warlords run the clans, and the shamans run the boat, essentially. Elmer gets passed out drunk again, Agregar tries some not delicious fungusman juice. He downs it without emotion, and then asks for a nice seltzer water to wash it down.

Finally, after a long day aboard the filthy ship, the group returns to the colony, and reports to Faranir. He thanks them for their reconnaissance, but brings up two details they should consider. Shantytowns of treasure hunters are building up around the Lemurian ruins that Faranir wants investigated. He is also concerned that the Goblins may group together to attack the colony. Agregar is doubtful, and this comforts Faranir, but he is still worried. The group retires to their recently renovated home, resting up for their next adventure.

Session 6, Part 1

We rejoin our beloved heroes Elmer, Rol’in, and Agregar almost 6 weeks after their return from the Lemurian ruins. Elmer has been practicing his magics, Rol’in has been keeping his bow skills sharp, and Agregar has been performing much heavy lifting. The colony has grown greatly, and many ships, some carrying women, children, and supplies from the new world have begun to perform regular trade with Anaea. However, one ship stands out. An enormous Goblin Hulk has plowed into shore near the colony’s port. It carries hundreds of goblins, easily outnumbering the colony 10 to 1. Mayor Faranir is curious to what the Goblin Hulk has aboard. He sends the Warriors of Wisdom to investigate the power structure and hierarchy of the Goblin ship.

The ship is massive and made of iron. It looks as though it should not possibly float, but it miraculously does. Rol’in opts to board the ship via a rickety rope ladder. This proves to be sufficient. When the group makes it to the top deck of the ship, the bazaar deck, it proves to be chaos, and chaos, and more chaos. There are goblins mugging each other, hocking goods, shooting at each other in the rigging of the ship with crossbows. The adventurers are easily taller than all of the Goblins and stick out quite plainly. A small group of goblins approach Agregar, the tallest. Flashing his shiv, he advises the three to join him at the One-Eyed Dolphin, owned by Melgab and the safest tavern on the ship. Agregar flashes his longsword, proving that he isn’t threatened. Elmer, however, wants to sample the alcohols aboard the Hulk, and urges the group to go.

Upon arriving at the One-Eyed Dolphin, two things are clearly visible: the animated dolphin corpse, and the massive, Agregar-sized goblin bouncer, Zeechar. Agregar and Zeechar make nice, and the group ventures inside. The inside is filthy, but the goblins seem slightly less shady than the ones outside. The bartender, almost before they are inside, orders them to buy something. Rol’in orders the strongest drink they have. Upon consuming it, he is visibly shaken and doesn’t order another. Elmer orders three, and passes out. Agregar orders a warmed, raw steak. This is when Not Important, a goblin thug, approaches the group. He says his employer, Balgren the Fat, has some work for a group of, well, non-goblins. Suspicious, the group agrees to hear the Fat out.

The group moves to the back of the inn. Balgren, surrounded by his small army of guards, offers the adventurers a proposition. He needs a box to be transported to the Murdered Dunce, another tavern on deck. He will pay them 3300 gold if they manage to transport it within the hour. He makes it clear that they must not kill anyone when they are carrying the box however. They must also never look into the box or try to examine it. The group agrees. He then pulls a glowing blue box, about 2.5 feet square somewhere from within his robes. He is that fat.

Immediately after leaving the room, the group rents a room in the inn to investigate the box. They can tell that the box contains something magical that would be damaged by a murder around it. This means that no one must be killed around the box. Naturally, this means they cannot carry the box through the main deck of the ship. Rol’in offers the idea of climbing through the rafters. Elmer suggests that Agregar would fall, as to hide his own fear of heights. This leaves only one option. Travelling through the underbelly of the ship, down to the docks, and then back up to the Murdered Dunce…

Session 5

We rejoin our heroes taking the cart of wood back to the colony, with their magical cabinet in two. Well, specifically, Agregar is pulling the cart. Elmer is searching through the loot they achieved during the previous battles and finds a magical orb, blood red. He learns to harness it’s power for future battles. Upon returning to the colony, a sentry tells the party that Governor Faranir wants to see them. Agregar drops the cart off at the wood yard, and Alasse decides to return home to report back to her people.

Faranir is ecstatic upon hearing that the Lizardfolk raiding party was eliminated. He invites the party to a round on him at the Kel’s Tavern. Before they leave however, a Faranir remembers something about some ruins in Black Raven territory. The Black Ravens are the necromancer tribe that the party negotiated a treaty with some time ago. The ruins are supposedly very advanced architecturally and technologically. Faranir orders the group to investigate, after their drinks, of course.

At the tavern, the group notices a peculiar old gentleman in the corner. Robed and hooded, he doesn’t look familiar to the party. Roli’n and Elmer investigate while Agregar gets the drinks; two moonshines and a water, because Agregar doesn’t drink. The old man is very clever and evades the group’s questions. He claims ownership of the magic cabinet and is eager to have it returned it to him. After their drinks, the party goes and shows him the cabinet. The old man taps it twice with his staff, and both him and the cabinet disappear. Overly unimpressed, the three of them go to sleep in their cabin.

Deep in the night, Roli’n is looking for some fun. Instead, the old man returns to Roli’n and tells him that he is the Grandfather that Alasse told him of, in passing. He is also revealed to be a Lich, a powerful sorcerer. He offers Roli’n great rewards if he joins him, but Roli’n is hesitant. The Lich doesn’t seem to be worried with time, and leaves as Roli’n returns to sleep.

The next morning, Agregar and the two hung over elves trek north to Black Raven territory. They gain permission to enter the ruins that lie on Black Raven territory. The chief seems a little surprised that the Warriors of Wisdom know so little about the history of the ruins, and tells them that they will soon learn. The chief also expressed displeasure in the business of Axgor, the slave trader. Agregar vows to end his business, but in the meantime he tells the chief that he will stop the Black Ravens from being victims of the slave trade.

The adventurers delve into the ruins. They head left down a corridor, then right down another. Agregar is holding a lantern in his shield hand and is very cautious around doors, fearful that they may be trapped. The group enters a room, Agregar, in his usual way, neglects the coffins and the crypt-like structure of the room. It is only when the sarcophagi begin to slide open that the group goes on guard. Agregar tries to close a coffin, but realizes that closing it once won’t keep it shut. He tries the door, but it is sealed. Elmer and Roli’n prepare for the worst as 10 skeletons approach the party. But Agregar will have none of it, rushes at the door, and barrels through it. The group rushes down the corridor, Agregar bringing up the rear with his lantern in hand. The party bottlenecks the skeletons down the narrow corridor. Roli’n shoots down several of them with his bow. Elmer magic missles many more, casting Pillar of Flame, leaving only narrow passage that isn’t on fire. Agregar draws in air, preparing to breathe flame on a cluster of the skeletons, but coughs, sputtering. The skeletons fall quickly under the combined effort of the heroes, however.

As the last skeleton falls, a cackling laugh reverberates through the hallway and the ruins themselves. It is the spirit, Coyote, a trickster. He reveals that the ruins are the remains of an ancient civilization (not Arkhosia) that created a machine powerful enough to cloud the gods’ vision of the future. The gods destroyed the city and the machine. Coyote wants the heroes to resurrect this machine with three pieces. Elmer doesn’t feel it is right to toy with the gods or their futures. Agregar can not be tempted into bringing Bahamut to any disadvantage. Roli’n is somewhat ambivalent, but stands firm with his friends. Coyote sneers, and retreats into the nothing from which he came. Elmer is eager to continue the exploration.

By searching through the ruins, the group finds a heavy magic orb, a staircase into the wilderness, and a dungeon with ancient skeletons. Out of nowhere, a wraith appears. Cloaked in shadow, filled with both a insatiable hatred and sickening lust for and against all things living. Its claws drip with necrosis incarnate and it releases a terrifying shriek as it swings at Agregar. Its claws bounce off his thick armor. Agregar is still greatly shaken, and fails to make contact with the beast. Roli’n fires arrows and swing his dual blades constantly, dealing much damage. Elmer breaks the wraith down with magic missiles. Agregar, drawing the attention of the wraith, falls under its blows. Elmer and Roli’n fight on, even though Roli’n is taking the full wrath of the wraith now. As Agregar begins to slip away, Elmer binds his wounds to keep him stable before killing the wraith as it goes for the finishing blow on Roli’n.

The heroes, a little swayed after their encounter with the wraith, return back to the colony. The group goes straight up to Axgor, demanding that he stop his trade of native slaves. After much convincing, Axgor agrees to stop his trade of Black Raven tribe natives, but refuses to free any current slaves. The group begrudgingly agrees to this terms. As they leave, they see a young Grippli with watery eyes look at Agregar. He is playing a violin somberly in a futile attempt to raise the spirits of his enslaved comrades. The group, knowing they can do nothing, look away and exit the slave camp.

Session 4 Part 3

In the time that the heroes have taken off, a new merchant has come into town. He is a slave trader, the half-orc Axgor. He has been capturing natives and selling them into slavery. None of the Warriors of Wisdom are pleased with this. They attempt to get Axgor to stop enslaving the natives, but nothing comes of it. However, as they leave Axgor’s shop, disheartened, they see a young Grey Fang women, shouting about the fact that she is an ambassador of the Grey Fangs to the Colony. The Guards stop her, but the Warriors of Wisdom agree to take her to the Captain.

Alasse, the Grey Fang Druid, introduces herself to the Warriors of Wisdom, and also to Captain Faranir, who is too busy to conduct serious business at the moment. He welcomes her into the community, and warns her to be careful, as she is the only woman within the Colony’s walls.

The next morning, Faranir tells the heroes that a band of Lizardfolk have been raiding the lumber shipments along the road from the Colony to the woodlot. It is suggested that the three of them act as decoys and then kill the ambushers when they attempt to ambush. Alasse decides to join them, much to the appreciation of Faranir, who really needs all the help he can get in these matters.

The new party make it to the lumber yard easily enough, especially with Agregar pulling the wagon. They load up the cart with lumber and begin to pull it back. About half way to the colony, Alasse notices a pack of Lizardfolk fast approaching. She summons her Bear/Shark/Beark, Laird, and tells Elmer to get on the cart, as he is the weakest. The Lizardfolk attack from all sides. Agregar draws their attention, cutting one down, but he is then netted by another. Elmer casts phantom cage, and then hypnosis on the net-bearing Lizardfolk pushing him away into the forest. Agregar, freeing himself from the net, swipes at the defenseless Lizardfolk, cutting him down. Meanwhile, Alasse, Laird, and Roli’n fight off two Lizardfolk. One, seeing Agregar kill two of his friends, sprints to attempt to cut down Agregar. Roli’n, having a bad day, misses a few more shots with his bow as Alasse cuts down the last two Lizardfolk in rapid succession.

The fierce battle over, Alasse notices a large cabinet in the middle of the woods, just off the road. Highly suspicious, the group approaches. They glean that it is enchanted with some arcane magicks, and suspect it is trapped. Agregar lifts the thing up and shakes it. A mild shaking, nothing serious. He yanks on the handle. Locked. He punches at the door of the cabinet. It doesn’t yield. Elmer attempts to magic the doors open. He fails. Roli’n wipes some of the blood off his sword onto the door, suspecting that it needs a blood offering. When it doesn’t work, he cuts his own hand and uses his own blood as a sacrifice. It does nothing. Agregar, somewhat dissapointed, loads the cabinet onto the cart, picks up the handles, and the group returns back to the Colony. (End Session 4)


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